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Hi! My name is Bruna, I'm a Portuguese writer/director and editor based in London. In 2018 I packed my dreams and moved to London where I completed my Master's Degree in Film Directing at MET Film School. I have directed a few cool short films in the past but I am also an award winning screenwriter (Ew! I know it's pretentious but I have to!).


In 2021 I was a finalist in the CANNESERIES UNLIMITED Writer's Residency where I developed my TV series "Glitz" with a first look deal with STUDIOCANAL. I am also the Grand Prize Winner of the Emerging Screenwriter's first Drama Genre Busting Screenplay Competition with my script "The Engine". This feature screenplay led me to the International Screenwriter's Association Development Slate, their Top 25 Screenwriters to watch list for 2022 and The Golden Script List of 2023! As a writer, I am represented by Christian Rodriguez over at AAO Entertainment.


In 2022, I got back on the director's chair with the upcoming short film "Perfidia" (2024), currently awaiting festival decisions. More recently in 2023, I directed the 3 minute vertical short film "Flowered" which gathered over 1 million views on Tik Tok and has started its festival run, having been selected for 6 vertical film festivals around the world. As well as, my web series "The Stairs"(2023) which had garnered over 250,000 views on Youtube!

I work full time as a Social Media Manager at Warner Bros. Discovery.


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